Lichfield Southern Bypass


  • Homes created – 450 directly and 910 indirectly.
  • Facilitate a 12ha employment site that will create 1,450 high value jobs and up to1400 sqm of new office space, created annually, in the City centre.
  • Result in greenhouse gas benefits equating to £874,000*.

*calculated using TUBA.


2.3km of Lichfield Southern Bypass has already been built, this project constructs the final 0.67km in order to link two A-roads via a rail underbridge and enable access to a housing development site and provide congestion relief. The delivery of the full bypass is key to achieving Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan to develop 3,785 homes by 2031, enhance the quality of life for residents and attract business and tourism to the area whilst facilitating growth.

LEP Investment:

£2.3 million

Completion Date:

December 2019